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September 01 2012

August 09 2012

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Rock Paper Scissors Cellular Automata

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August 08 2012

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Langton ant colonies
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July 26 2012

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Physics That Resonates With Everyone

Chladni patterns mix sound with science

In the late 18th century, musician and scientist Ernst Chladni demonstrated the two-dimensional vibration of a flat plane caused by certain sound waves. Following in the footsteps of Robert Hooke, Chladni drew a rosined bow across the edge of a sand-covered metal plate. When the bow created certain frequencies of vibration, the beautiful patterns above were formed.

When sound travels through a solid medium like a metal plate, certain frequencies will produce resonance. Resonance is the property of a given material to vibrate easily and vigorously at specific frequencies, and the patterns created in Chladni’s experiments represent the nodes between intersecting two-dimensional waves. Every solid material from wood to glass to metal to buildings to our inner ear membranes have a set of frequencies that will cause these resonant vibrations.

Today we use these kind of vibrations to perfect the acoustics of instruments like guitars and violins, and we even see their relatives in the standing waves that underly electron orbitals.

Check out this video for more. Got a violin bow? Try it yourself!

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July 25 2012

In mathematics, a rose or rhodonea curve is a sinusoid plotted in polar coordinates.
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May 26 2012

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Life in life
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April 22 2012

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April 06 2012

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March 19 2012

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This is just a whole bunch of math right here… math and loops.

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March 15 2012

Riemann Zeta function <3
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February 22 2012

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Special Magic Square - Numberphile
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February 21 2012

January 28 2012

It turns out that if you divide 1 by 998,001 you get all three-digit numbers from 000 to 999 in order.

Except for 998.

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January 16 2012

January 14 2012

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January 12 2012

"Some people supposed that the intricate pattern generated from Astroids which I posted could be a fractal. This animations zooms in to the top of the image, showing it is infinitely detailed and self-similar on smaller scales. [also]"

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January 10 2012

Animation of the construction of a cardioid as a pedal curve of a circle.
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Animation of the construction of the contrapedal of an ellipse.
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Animation of the construction of the pedal curve of an ellipse.
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