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01 soup : initial direction statement

01 is about mathematics, computation and geometry in their purest forms.
what exactly that means isn't completely defined, it is inteded to evolve over time.
but here are some basic guidelines:

fractals? cellular automata?
most definately! maybe you shouln't post every single pic of the mandelbrot set that you ever encounter, but yeah, there is a awful lot of interesting stuff out there.

graph theory / logic / topology / number theory
yes! yes! yes! we love that shit!

math in art?
yes, as long it's not just a painting of nonsensical formulas or something like that.

language / notation / visualization
yes, as long they are cool in a mathematical way…
we strongly welcome things that radically differ from our traditional, normal way to deal with abstract things.

explanations are fine, but the less text the better. formalism and visualizations are prefered.

infograhics with bogus numbers and faulty visualisation?
erm no…
also linking your sources is an excellent idea…
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