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March 19 2018

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Your Daily Batty Dose

it's a faucet.. right? ^^;
jamie oliver is evil morty confirmed.
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gun violence is not just about mass shootings. and sure, there are a lot of ways in which people can be violent. many useful objects can be abused in horrible ways. but there is a reason why people choose weapons for violence if they have a choice: because they are things optimized for violence. inflicting harm with other tools (or bare hands) is harder, and inflicting violence should be as infeasable as possible.

concerning the causes of violent behaviour: yeah, there are other causes, we should solve poverty and religious superstition and racism and all that shit. but you seem to ignore that violence is also self-perpetuating: violence causes poverty and decreases social trust and civility, in turn increasing violence. ignoring that would be level 2 thinking. B)

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feel old?
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